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Student Professional Development Funds


About the Fund

The Student Veterans Resource Center Professional Development Fund provides undergraduate and graduate, military-connected students with financial support to cover costs associated with advancing their professional goals. NOTE: We can not reimburse expenses purchased prior to application approval (i.e. no retroactive reimbursements)


The professional development funds can be applied to a broad range of items.  However, the funds should be applied towards expense(s) that will support student’s professional development, preparation for graduate school, or leadership development. Expense(s) to be covered must take place within the academic year. Students can receive professional development funding just once during an academic year. All professional development activities need to take place and be purchased while the student maintains active status (evidenced by enrollment) with the university. Graduating students must use funding by graduation date. 

What is Covered by the Fund: 

  1. Graduate school application fees 
  2. Graduate school test preparation 
  3. Graduate school exams fees, i.e. GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.
  4. Professional conference attendance fees (travel is currently not covered)
  5. UCSD extension courses geared toward professional development, grad school test preparation courses or leadership development. 

Additional Questions?  Contact

What is NOT covered by this fund?

  1. Degree-related expenses such as student fees, tuition, and books for classes are not covered. 
  2. Expenses that have occurred and that were not pre-approved for reimbursement. 
  3. Expenses for activities taking place in future academic years.
  4. Expenses purchased prior to application approval (i.e. no retroactive reimbursements). 

Who can apply?

  • Must be a registered UC San Diego undergraduate or graduate student. 
  • Must be military-connected:
    • Veteran
    • Active duty
    • Reservist
    • Spouses
    • Children
    • ROTC 
  • UC San Diego extension students and visiting students are not eligible to apply.

How much can I receive?

Eligible students may receive up to $500 in aid for the academic year as long as funding remains available. Students may use the full $500 towards one opportunity or be applied to several. Funding is not guaranteed and does not carry over. 

How to apply?

Complete the Google form: Apply Here! 

Contact for questions or concerns. 

How are expenses covered?

Expenses will be paid by the Student Veterans Resource Center on behalf of the student in advance. In rare cases, the SVRC will provide a reimbursement for expenses that cannot be covered in advance and subsequently are pre-approved for reimbursement. Some expenses may require the student to share access to their account in order for the SVRC to pay using a campus card.

Are there other requirements?

Please communicate with the SVRC team if there are any changes to your application or if you are unable to complete your professional development activity.

As an option, we would like to feature your participation in completing your professional development opportunity on our communication channels. If interested, please select the option on the form.